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Prom Night Wife - Part 12

Upon arriving home, Bill’s head was in a whirl. Cindy greeted him at the door and asked, “How did it go?”

Unthinking, Bill replied, “He was impressive.”

Cindy probed further and asked, “Really? He looks so skinny.”

Bill, recovering from his first unwonted declaration, corrected, “Oh, well, yeah, he is skinny. And not terribly strong, but he tried hard. He really wants to look his best for you.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Cindy answered.

Sweet! Fuck, what is wrong with me! Am I trying to help this kid get in my wife’s pants? Bill wondered. He looked at his wife’s pretty face, her slightly oversized mouth, and suddenly saw those bee stung lips wrapped around Paul’s enormous cock. He felt himself begin to harden, before Cindy interrupted his thoughts with, “Bill, are you ok?”

Deciding that no, he wasn’t ok, and that he had to stop these thoughts and Paul’s plans, he answered, “I don’t know, honey. It just seems Paul might be a little too taken with you. I’m not sure he’s not placing more emphasis on this prom than he should be. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.”

Bill was taken aback by Cindy’s heated reply, “Bill Barrows, this was your idea! I wanted to say no when he asked. But you insisted I go. Well, I’m not breaking his heart now that he’s made all these plans. If there’s fall out from this, you will help me deal with it later. But I am not backing out now. Honestly, I don’t know what’s gotten into you.”

As Cindy turned away from him, Bill could only think, I can’t tell her it’s what Paul wants to get into her that has changed my mind. I can’t tell her Paul has a flaccid cock that’s more than twice as long as my erection. I certainly can’t tell her part of me hopes he succeeds.

For her part, Cindy was a bit stunned herself. She couldn’t help thinking, this whole idea, the scandalous dress, the way Paul looked at me like I was some kind of possession and now my extreme reaction to Bill’s second thoughts. Maybe he’s right, maybe calling the whole thing off would be right. And yet, that’s the last thing I want.

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Prom Night Wife - Part 11

By the end of the workout, Paul’s confidence was shattered. His mistaken assumption that Bill was trying to intimidate him had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. To Paul’s mind, Bill was no longer an obstacle to his prom night plans. He was a force of nature, no more to be trifled with than a rampaging rhino, or a force five tornado. At that moment, Paul’s only remaining decision was whether to take Cindy to the prom and behave as a perfect gentleman, or find a way to back out of the date entirely.

Bill never knew how close he was to having his life unchanged, his wife unchanged. Paul’s visitor’s locker was in a different part of the locker room than Bill’s member’s locker. As they entered the locker room, had Bill simply indicated to Paul that he was going to change and would meet Paul in the lobby in ten minutes, Paul would have continued with his new plan to call the whole prom date off. But instead, Bill spoke the words that would help to change everything, “I’m going to take a shower, feel free to do the same, or you can meet me in the lobby.”

The irony was that Bill didn’t even like showering at the club, or even changing there, for that matter. He had a small penis, one that bordered on tiny, in truth. Not quite four inches erect, it reached a mere inch and a half when soft. It was embarrassing, fear provoking in fact, for Bill to display his penis. But, facing his fears was part of his whole approach to life, so he felt almost compelled to shower at his club. He placed his hope on not being ridiculed on the deterrent quality of the rest of his massive physique. On this day, Bill’s decision would change his life.

Bill was already in the shower, as Paul stood at his locker. As Bill feared showing his small penis, Paul feared exhibiting his skinny, scar covered body. But, in similar wise, he knew that he couldn’t go through life worrying constantly about his appearance. And he too, had a deterrent, something that would draw attention away from his defects.

Wrapping a towel around his waist, Paul made his way to the communal shower. What greeted his eye made it difficult to keep the smile off his face. The man of whom he’d just been so intimidated, the man with the muscles of a bull rhino, was standing, eyes closed, washing shampoo from his hair. The suds ran down over powerful, hairy chest, and washboard abs, through his pubic hair, and past hia…Holy shit, Paul thought, Holy fucking shit. He’s hung like a…like a hamster, or a chipmunk, or something. That’s the smallest cock I’ve ever seen. That’s what Cindy has been getting? This…this changes everything. The prom isn’t just going to be the night of my life, it’s going to be the night of hers, too.

Changing his entire attitude, Paul coughed loudly. Bill looked up to see the kid remove his towel with a flourish. Bill took in the kids frail and scarred arms and chest and felt a moment’s pity. But then his eyes swept lower, and astonishment and self-pity quickly replaced the first emotion. That….that can’t be real. It’s hanging - so it must be soft - halfway to his knee. The fucking skinny bastard is horse hung. That thing must be eight or nine inches long, and fatter than Cindy’s wrist.

Before he could have another thought, Paul thanked him, “Bill, it’s so nice of you to help me shape up a little for the prom. Do you think Cindy will be impressed?”

The image of Cindy staring at Paul’s cock and then dropping to her knees, flitted through Bill’s mind, and before he could suppress it he mumbled. “Oh, I think she’ll be very impressed.” Realizing what he had intimated, he then added. “By your efforts, your attempt to look your very best.”

Paul smiled and said, “Thanks, I want Cindy to enjoy this night every bit as much as I do.”

While all Bill could do was gulp, and think, Oh, fuck.

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Prom Night Wife - Part 10

For his part, Paul was also riding a roller coaster of emotions. He’d had a crush on Cindy since she and Bill had moved in. More than a crush, really, he’d wanted her from the first moment he’d seen her. Though he’d kept it hidden, Paul had spent many of the long hours he’d spent bed-ridden surfing the web, studying both human sexuality and porn. From the first moment he’d seen her, Paul had sensed a deeply hidden but incredibly strong sexuality within Cindy. He desired to exploit that sexuality and the prom date was his opportunity to do so. But, he hadn’t reckoned fully with how profoundly she’d suppressed her desire. He’d been stunned when Cindy had initially refused his invitation. And, as she had strode towards him across the lawn the prior day, seemingly furious, Paul had realized he’d miscalculated again. The dress was too much, he could tell, and he had wondered if the prom date was off as well. It didn’t really matter; the dress was a key element in awakening her sexuality. Without it, Paul saw little hope in reaching the successful conclusion to the night he had planned.

Momentarily defeated, Paul had been on the verge of giving up; when he thought he noticed the slightest hint of arousal beneath the mask of fury she had worn. Deciding there was nothing to lose; Paul had employed a desperate stratagem. Instead of the happy, excited, slightly dreamy look he’d forced himself to wear around her, Paul had allowed the full intensity of his lust to shine out clearly, while expressing his utter confidence in the rightness of the dress. He had known immediately that his gambit had succeeded, as Cindy’s anger and determination collapsed. When he saw the confusion and arousal in her new expression, and heard the words she spoke, he knew he’d been right all along. Good little housewife, my ass, he had thought. Oh the things I’m going to do with you.

But that confidence had ebbed away slowly throughout his work out with Bill. He’d been surprised by the offer in the first place, sure that Bill was his greatest obstacle to the prom night of his dreams. He’d been perplexed when Bill had offered to train him; to buff him up for the big night.

But now, as Bill asked, “so, going all out on this prom, are you?” Paul thought he saw the method in Bill’s madness.

He answered politely, “Well, I got a very large settlement from the accident, and you only get to do this once.”

But even as Paul was saying the words, he was changing his plans To see Bill on the street was to be impressed by his size. But to see him in the gym was simply astonishing, and, for Paul at least, horrifying. Impossibly, Bill was even stronger than he looked. He demonstrated the exercises to Paul with weights three, four, sometimes even five times as heavy as he then setup for Paul to use. And yet, while Paul struggled with the lesser weights, Bill lifted his greater weights with ease. In fact, the ease with which Bill completed the exercises made it obvious that the weights he was using to demonstrate with were clearly just that, demonstration amounts. Clearly, Bill lifted even heavier weights during his regular workouts.

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ifancycock asked: That's hot! I fantasize about the same things! Would also not do it! Can I ask what your wife looks like?

There are two consecutive pictures on approximately page 17 that when combined approximate my wifes appearance

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Stephanie’s Big Dick Obsession - Excerpt

A blush came to Stephanie’s face as she thought of the third reason she was sure Ryan would never cheat. Ryan wasn’t just small in stature. He was small “there”, too. Or so he said, and Stephanie had no reason not to believe him. Ryan was her first and only lover; she’d never seen another man’s penis, so she didn’t know from experience. But, before they’d married, Ryan had felt the need to tell her. She loved him for his honesty, and for his courage. It couldn’t have been easy for him to admit his literal shortcoming to her.

But, she often wished he had not told her. Intercourse with Ryan was emotionally rewarding; she loved bringing him such pleasure. But, she received no physical pleasure from it. She had anticipated pain on her wedding night, but there had been none. Despite her virginity, Ryan had slipped in easily; though there’d been no pain, there’d been no pleasure, either. And that hadn’t changed with experience. Ryan felt guilty about it, and he made a point of making up for it. He pleasured her with his hands and his mouth, and she enjoyed that a great deal, almost always enjoying an orgasm. She’d occasionally return the oral attention, but she found that distasteful and Ryan soon stopped asking, contenting himself to orgasm within her womanhood.

Now, five years into their marriage, Stephanie found her desire for sex growing at the very time that Ryan’s new job had cut drastically into their sex life. She also felt a growing disappointment in the quality of their sex life. Recently, on a girl’s night out, one of her tipsy neighbors had pointed at a guy and commented, “Look at the bulge in that stud’s pants. What I wouldn’t give to give that a try.” It had been meant as a joke, but while the other women laughed, Stephanie couldn’t help but stare. The following day she had tried to check out Ryan’s bulge, only to realize that there was no bulge at all. Feeling guilty, she had quickly looked away. But, she’d found herself having to fight an urge to “crotch watch” ever since.

Ryan had at first been clueless. The new job was initially exhausting, and he’d simply not been able to find the energy for sex. This was a first for him; despite having a diminutive penis, he’d always had a powerful sex drive. But the challenges of juggling two jobs were such that he hadn’t even really noticed the change. Finally, just the Wednesday before, Stephanie had complained that they hadn’t had weeknight sex in six weeks. This surprised Ryan on two levels. The first was the actual fact of the matter; he was shocked it had been that long. Equally surprising was Stephanie’s complaint. Though she’d never said no, Ryan was under the impression that Steph had mostly seen their sex as a chore. He hadn’t really thought about it, but if he had he would have assumed that she would have viewed his decreased interest as a welcome respite.

The fact that Stephanie missed their almost daily sex was arousing to Ryan, and that night’s bedroom activities were vigorous, if short. While he had wanted to please Stephanie first, she had insisted on him climbing between her legs. Since the honeymoon, which had been a bit embarrassing, he’d never had an instance of premature ejaculation. But, the decreased frequency, and the hunger in Stephanie’s expression and attitude, brought Ryan to an early completion. Stephanie had felt next to nothing, and she’d never dream of asking Ryan to pleasure her after he’d finished inside her. So, after a brief cuddle, she’d pushed him away and turned her back, silent tears filling her eyes.

Sated, exhausted from the long hours he was working, Ryan did not immediately sense Stephanie’s frustration. But then he felt her gentle sobs, and quickly took her shoulder, trying to turn her back to him. She resisted, until he asked, “What’s wrong, love? I thought this was what you wanted? You know I wanted to pleasure you first.”

Stephanie then turned and responded, “Why does there have to be a question of first? Why can’t we…why can’t we orgasm together? What’s wrong with me, that I can never orgasm with you inside me?”

She hated herself for the disingenuousness of the question. And hated herself all the more because of the utter uselessness of the question. She knew, or least strongly suspected, that the issue was Ryan’s size, not any problem with her body. But, how could she ask about that? What would she say? And what difference did it make? Plastic surgeons could give a flat-chested girl boobs as big as she desired. But, there was no such option for men whom nature had cheated. So, why bring it up? Why put the blame on herself, knowing full well that Ryan would never allow her to take the responsibility?

And then the expected and the completely unexpected happened at the same time. Ryan blushed, then looked away, and then looked her in the eye and admitted, as she’d expected, “It’s not you Steph, it’s me. It’s my size, or lack of it.” He looked away again, and then came the unlooked for, as he turned back to her and added, “I’m sure you’d orgasm with a bigger cock inside you.”

The words were shocking. More shocking still was the throbbing of Ryan’s cock against her thigh. Stephanie didn’t know how to react. She’d pushed Ryan to admit that his size was the issue, and his embarrassment was obvious. Stephanie hated herself anew, for the pain she’d obviously caused Ryan. And she was ashamed at the way her womanhood had moistened at Ryan’s mention of a bigger cock. Ashamed, but confused and curious, too. Ryan was embarrassed, but he was also aroused, as the throbbing of his cock showed. What did that mean; how could he be hard again so quickly?

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Prom Night Wife - Part 9

The following day, Bill took Paul to the gym for the first time. “Just watch me and do as I do,” Bill told Paul.

To which Paul answered, “I couldn’t lift that weight if my life depended on it.”

Bill smiled and quipped, “Just remember that when you’re out with my wife.”

It was a joke, Bill meant nothing by it, and quickly followed up with, “I’ll adjust the weights for you, just watch my technique.”

After demonstrating, Bill watched the tall, skinny kid struggle with what Bill considered light weights. As he did so, Bill puzzled over the events of the day before. Bill had turned to watch Cindy approach, so he hadn’t seen the look Paul had given her. And he’d been studying her face, so he didn’t see her nipples engorge. But he did see the look on her face change from what seemed to be anger and determination to one that first showed confusion and then….arousal? That couldn’t be right, but then Bill noticed her erect nipples. And he noted a tone to her voice, a throaty sexiness when she said, “I can’t wait to wear it for you,” that he’d never heard before. Additionally the words themselves were somehow wrong, somehow not Cindyish. There seemed to be a note of longing and desire that he’d never heard before in her voice. Bill’s stomach clenched with fear and anxiety.

Despite those emotions, Bill had felt a stirring in his groin. Now, as he spotted for Paul, he again wondered, could Cindy be attracted to this kid? He could understand compassion; the kid had been through so much. But the state of Cindy’s nipples, the tone in her voice, seemed to indicate an interest beyond compassion. But, Bill thought, that just wasn’t possible, not from his Cindy. He thought then of his own inexplicable arousal and suddenly had his answer. He’d been reading far too much wife-watching erotica. It was warping his thinking, messing with his senses, distorting his interpretation of events. As he moved Paul on to the next exercise, this answer quelled his anxiety.

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