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another man’s wife

Thanks for your response. I clearly understand that your interest is that you get turned on by watching your wife fucking another man with a huge cock while you watch. Even though it’s unlikely to happen in real life, the thought, the imagery is exciting to you.

 You may have said this somewhere, but I do not remember your answer, but does your wife know about your fantasy?  If she does, even though she would never do it in real life, is she willing to play along in a fantasy role,  listening to you tell her your fantasies , or  reading some of your blog? 

I have no interest in the husband or boyfriend being submissive, or humiliated, or abused.  That aspect is out there in the world of  men who  get turned on imagining their wives fucking another man.  That aspect does nothing for me.  There is just something appealing to me about fucking another man’s wife, either while he watches, but does not  participate,  or that I am  fucking her in a hotel room, or at their house while he is away, but he knows about it, and is excited  that his wife is fucking another man. The excitement for him may be that he knows it is happening, but the mystery of the exact details arouses him while she is gone with me.  When she gets home, she then tells him the details.  Whether she tells him the details or not does not matter to me.

 From my perspective, I really don’t like the whole submissive husband routine, and genre. We are on the same page on the submissive husband routine.


Wife Sharing Fantasy

My wife is a living sexual cliche’. Ridiculously attractive, she’s extremely sexually conservative. To the point where she won’t even watch primetime TV because it’s “filthy.” She has granted me Saturday night “priviledges” because they are my “right” as her husband. Oh, and did I mention the lights are kept off? Just trying to mention other positions gets me a scolding, so discussing my fantasy is out of the question.

Ironically, her lack of interest in sex, coupled with my small size is a major factor in fueling my fantasies. Deep down, I have this irrational belief that if she was exposed to a huge cock, all her inhibitions would be shattered. Silly, I know, but true nonetheless.

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